Brandon Dodd - May 12, 2024

Mother's Day 2024

This Sunday we are celebrating our Mothers and wrapping up our series "Exploring Questions that Jesus Asked" with a story found in Luke 2. Mary, the mother of Jesus gets separated from her son for 3 days only to find him sitting in the temple in "his Father's house"... So what kind of mom does it take to raise the Son of God? What does Jesus question to his parents mean for us today? And how can God use regular, everyday, average moms faithfully serving God to achieve His great purposes?

Scripture References: Luke 2:43-45, 2 Timothy 1:5, Luke 2:41-42, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, Luke 2:49-52, Luke 2:46-48

From Series: "Exploring the Questions of Jesus"

During His ministry, Jesus was asked a lot of questions: "Why do you say the things you do?" "Can you heal this person?" "What do you think about (insert hot topic here)?" But Jesus also asked a lot of questions, questions that challenged people to take an honest look at their actions, their motives, even their faith. And those questions that Jesus asked hundreds of years ago are still relevant questions for us today. For the next few weeks at Flagstone we are going to discover a deeper understanding of God (and hopefully a deeper understanding of ourselves) as we wrestle with some of the questions Jesus asked.

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