The goal of this season of our Insights Class is to gain a better understanding of the perspectives of unchurched people in our community, and to learn how to become more CONFIDENT and more CONSISTENT in having spiritual conversations with our neighbors and coworkers who don’t have a church home. We pray these open conversations are a blessing!
3/3/2024 – Understanding the Mission
The mission is simple: “Make disciples of all nations(Matthew 28:19) and sharing Jesus makes all the sense in the world when you are surrounded by fellow Christians, but in the real world it might look intimidating and even anxiety inducing. Does it really matter? Am I even allowed to share my faith in corporate America? In this class we will seek to better understand the “unchurched” in our community and fan to flame the Spirit inside of us to go after our friends, colleagues, and family that desperately need Jesus just as much as us. 
3/10/2024 – Overcoming Some Apprehensions
After gaining a little bit clearer understanding of the perspective and mindset of non-Christians in our community, in this lesson we turn our focus more towards ourselves as Christians. What are ways we have tried to share our faith with others in the past, and how effective have those methods been? We need to also take an honest look at some of the factors that can cause us to be hesitant when it comes to engaging in spiritual conversations.

3/17/2024 – Adding Tools to My Toolbox

We have a clearer picture of where non-Christians are coming from, and we’ve recognized what’s at the core of some of our own hesitations when it comes to sharing our faith. Now it’s time to get a little more practical. How do we engage in a spiritual conversation with an unchurched person? What do we need to say? What do they need to hear from us?
3/24/2024 – Launching Forward
During this final Sharing Jesus class, we will remind ourselves of the reasons why we need to be engaging in spiritual conversations when the opportunity arises. We will also get some practical tips for effectively sharing the good news about Jesus and helping non-Christians see the need for Jesus in their own lives.