Insights” is a periodic Sunday morning class led by our church leadership. We take a deep dive into various topics in the Word in order to discover together the true meaning and intent of the scriptures that provide us guidance and in order to determine if there are insights that enable us to pursue and fulfill our mission to an even greater extent. 

Insights Season One: Women in Church

Join us for a scripturally immersive experience in our new Insights Class Series! An aim of this class is to walk faithfully through scripture to grow in love, wisdom, and knowledge of what God’s Word means in our every day lives.
// This 8-episode discussion focuses on Women in the church.

Insights Season Two: Church Names

Do names matter? What kinds of pictures come to mind when we hear the names of certain individuals or certain consumer products? Sometimes the perceptions attached to certain names are accurate, and sometimes those preconceived ideas don’t tell the whole story. The same is true when it comes to church names as well. In this class we begin the discussion on whether or not the name of a church means something significant, and we spend some time briefly walking through the history of the church as well.

Insights Season Three: Sharing Jesus

The goal of this season of our Insights Class is to gain a better understanding of the perspectives of unchurched people in our community, and to learn how to become more CONFIDENT and more CONSISTENT in having spiritual conversations with our neighbors and coworkers who don’t have a church home. We pray these open conversations are a blessing!