Marshall Brown - April 23, 2023

Let's Eat with Washed Hands

Most of us want to have clean hands before we eat, especially if our hands are going to actually be touching our food. But we probably have different methods of pre-meal handwashing (just rinsing with water, a dab of soap, completely lathering both hands, etc.). We can argue about the level of cleanliness and probably feel justified in defending our opinion. There was a time mentioned in scripture when Jesus and His followers were criticized for not washing their hands "correctly" before they ate. Jesus responded by pointing out a bigger issue with his critics than just having dirty hands. What was this more significant problem? And is it something I still need to concern myself with today?

Scripture References: Matthew 13:15, Mark 7:1-6, Proverbs 4:23, 1 John 1:9, Psalms 51:10, Matthew 6:24

From Series: "Let's Eat!"

Mealtimes provide opportunities to get to know someone or connect with someone in a relaxed atmosphere. At the dinner table is when I tend to let my guard down and allow others to get a better glimpse of the real me, and I get a chance to get a clearer picture of them as well. Multiple times in scripture Jesus is shown enjoying a meal with others. These often become teachable moments for both His disciples and His critics. Let's take advantage of the opportunity to "eat" with Jesus and get a clearer picture of His message and His mission.

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