What's worship like?

We're here to learn more about Jesus and the teachings of the Bible. We're not here to talk down to you or make you feel guilty. In our Sunday morning service, we'll sing some contemporary songs mixed in with a few familiar ones, and we'll sing them "a cappella". If you've never experienced a worship service without instrumental music, you should definately try it out! We also participate in communion every Sunday. We'll pass the communion elements around(symbolized with crackers and grape juice) at a certain part of the service after a prayer. If you're not familiar with taking communion, you're certainly not pressured to partake. Like we said earlier - it's ok if it's your first step towards God. You'll hear a lesson from our minister, Marshall Brown, or a guest speaker, and we'll sprinkle in a couple more songs and that's it!

What do I wear?

Be as comfortable as you would like. Some people prefer to dress up a little more on Sunday mornings, which is fine. Some people also feel more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, which is also fine. Be assured, no matter what you wear, there will be some people dressed similarly.

Do I bring a Bible?

Although most of our scripture readings from the Bible are on-screen during morning worship, we encourage you to bring your own. We also encourage people to feel free to use their Bible apps on phones and tablets. It is important that you own a Bible to read daily; whether paper or digital doesn't matter. If you don’t own a Bible, please let one of our staff or greeters know and we will help.

What about my kids?

Kids are welcome in the adult worship service, but we also offer Bible classes for all ages during the worship time so all of the children have an opportunity to worship as well. Every kid attends a children's praise and worship service of their own. Our awesome volunteers at the kid's check-in area will help you securely check in your kids and take them to class. We love our kids and we love teaching them!

Will I be asked to participate in the offering?

There are no expectations for any guests at Flagstone to be required to give during service, however you are are welcome to if you so choose. We want our guests to feel comfortable and get to know our family first!