Marshall Brown - June 11, 2023

The Humiliated Woman

Sometimes we make some kind of blunder, but no one else sees it or notices it. Other times we mess up, and it feels like everyone sees it. When that happens, I'm not only left with the obligation of dealing with my mistake, but I also have to deal with the embarrassment of my flaws being on display for others to see. What I may not realize is that there is an opportunity in that imperfection - a chance for God to use the flaw to bring about a signficant change, not just in my life, but in someone else's life too. What can God do with the flaws in my "story"? And how can my story be beneficial for someone else to hear?

Scripture References: John 4:28-30, John 4:9, Romans 10:14, Matthew 11:28, Romans 3:23, John 4:39

From Series: "Flawed: God's Imperfect Followers"

We often look at characters in the Bible, especially the ones we label “Bible heroes,” as almost perfect people. We assume they all had unshakeable faith and very few if any character flaws. The reality is that many of the people we read about in scripture were far from perfect. They made mistakes. They doubted. They got things wrong. And yet, despite their flaws God used them to do incredible things. Who are some of these imperfect followers of God? And what can their stories teach us about our own potential to be used by God in powerful ways?

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