Marshall Brown - June 25, 2023

The Fearful Warrior

We all have fears - different things that frighten us, different phobias, different sources of stress and worry. The problem is that many times our fears and apprehensions end up controlling our thoughts and actions, especially when it comes to getting out of our comfort zones and following God's lead. What do I do when my fear seems stronger than my faith? How do I allow God to guide my steps when I'm afraid to move forward?

Scripture References: 2 Chronicles 20:12, 1 Corinthians 2:3-4, Luke 5:10

From Series: "Flawed: God's Imperfect Followers"

We often look at characters in the Bible, especially the ones we label “Bible heroes,” as almost perfect people. We assume they all had unshakeable faith and very few if any character flaws. The reality is that many of the people we read about in scripture were far from perfect. They made mistakes. They doubted. They got things wrong. And yet, despite their flaws God used them to do incredible things. Who are some of these imperfect followers of God? And what can their stories teach us about our own potential to be used by God in powerful ways?

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