Marshall Brown - May 21, 2023

Let's Eat at Simon's House

Imagine hosting a party and planning every detail only to have that one person show up that wasn't invited. Not only that, but they mess everything up for everyone else. How would you handle it? What do you do with an uninvited guest? That's what a man named Simon had to figure out when he invited Jesus for dinner. We'll discover together how Jesus used an awkward social situation to teach His fellow party-goers about compassion and grace.

Scripture References: Luke 7:48, Luke 7:44, Luke 7:47, Luke 7:37-38

From Series: "Let's Eat!"

Mealtimes provide opportunities to get to know someone or connect with someone in a relaxed atmosphere. At the dinner table is when I tend to let my guard down and allow others to get a better glimpse of the real me, and I get a chance to get a clearer picture of them as well. Multiple times in scripture Jesus is shown enjoying a meal with others. These often become teachable moments for both His disciples and His critics. Let's take advantage of the opportunity to "eat" with Jesus and get a clearer picture of His message and His mission.

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